My global lovers story Vol.4
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Discover a Japanese woman's love story with an American! .    NAME:Passionista GENDER:Female AGE:In late 20. NATIONALITY: Japan BLOOD TYPE:O+ HOBBY:Traveling, Makeup, Trying out all different kinds of burgers, Runing, Fitness

1,Which country is your partner from?

The United States of America

2,How did you guys meet?

Through the dating website called “My Year Book” (it’s renamed to “Meet Me” a while ago)

3,How long have you been seeing?

It’s still going on, but we’ve dated for 6 years in total.

4,Did you get married with this partner?

Yes I did. Just a month ago.

5,Was he your type?

He definitely was. Without a doubt, his every facial feature is my type.

6,Did you have chemistry?

Yes. We have quite similar personality, a sense of humor and preferences in life. Our families also confirmed this. Surprisingly.

7,What did you like about partner?

His great patience. This is one of the biggest reasons I look up to him.

8,Were you sexually compatible with your partner?

Strangely it’s improved a lot over years however when we just started dating it didn’t work well.

9,Did you argued ? How frequency?

Hardly ever. Our arguments are usually like this; I lose my temper and throwing anger at him while he always maintains a peaceful state of mind. Although when he finds it unfair, he fights back and conversations escalate to arguments. It’s happened a few times in the past 6 years.

10,What's your best memories?

While he was stationed in Iwakuni Base (Yamaguchi-prefecture), I went to see him every month and spent weekends on the base. One time I had to sit on the bus where everyone else was in military uniform and they were giving me this weird look. That was awkward but I remember it as a good memory. Also my partner invited my family to the base and ate dinner in the restaurant together. I still remember how happy they were to see all the new things they’d never seen before. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to see and experience all the exciting, fun and unusual things and I am so thankful for him.

11,Please tell me how you two got into a relationship soon after the first meeting.

After a month of exchanging texts and video calls, he decided to visit my hometown Aichi prefecture just to meet me. On the very first date, he asked me to be his girlfriend. But the idea of being in a long distance relationship made me decline his offer. At the time I believed it was the best for both of us. But when I had to see him off at the station, I was extremely sad and regretted my decision. I was having uneasy days afterwards and finally made up my mind to go see him. I was going to ask him to be my boyfriend but unexpectedly he asked me again to be his girlfriend. I gave him big YES and then we became a couple.

12,What kind of dates did you have?

We’ve been to amusement parks, movies. bowling, game arcades, shopping malls, short trips. Most of the time we enjoyed going out but he sometimes expected me to play video games with him. So I had to deal with it.

13,What do you think about dating with foreigners?

It is such a great way to cultivate a better understanding of different cultures and acquire an ability to embrace and enjoy differences.

14,Please talk about good memories.

Everything I’ve done with him is great memory. But if I had to choose one, it would be Las Vegas trip last year. Because my family and his family met up for the first time and see them together gave me this indescribable joy. At the same time I realized many people are involved in our relationship and should take more responsibilities to stand in between two families. I could say I became more aware of my responsibilities as an adult.

15,Please let me know if you have any troubles or disappointment in dating foreigners.

We had been in an overseas relationship for too long so things that troubled us most should be Distance and Time. Most of the problems could be solved through discussions. Yet it is physically impossible to change distance and time as we wish. I found it frustrating and depressing to deal with them knowing I literally can do nothing about them. Therefore we are extremely happy to finally get married and say goodbye to the pain and difficulties. But then when I think about this positively, I am glad it happened to us. Thanks to the frustrations, I became capable of finding all the other issues less serious and difficult. After all, I guess everything happens for a reason.

16,If you date with the other person, what would you want for the next partner?/ I’d love to date with the person like this.

In the past 6 years, I’ve been with the same man. To be perfectly honest, I have ever found other men attractive a few times. But the truth is I could not encounter anyone nearly as attractive as my partner. Therefore if I date with someone else, I would choose my husband again or someone like him.

17,Please give some advices for people who are thinking to date with foreigners.

Please do not categorize everyone you meet as foreigners. Think more likely getting know who he is as a person. As you already know everyone is different and it goes the same for relationships. Every relationship differs depend on who you are with. So it shouldn’t matter whether he is a foreigner or Japanese. You might have heard several good stereotypes towards foreign partners. For example they are gentlemen; ladies first or constantly praise you and so on. Well, I assume some foreigners are more gentlemen and open to express their feelings including compliments. But these do not apply to everyone. So again like I said earlier it really depends on a person. I believe my partner is a gentleman, ladies first and often give me compliments and I appreciate that. However they weren’t the major elements why I was attracted to him. I fell in love with him because he truly is the most amazing human being I’ve ever met in my life. Without a double, he is the only person who makes me want to try harder to be and do better. I suppose my main focus was to find someone who inspires, encourages and motivates me to be better version of myself and he was the one.

Also for those who long for dating with a foreigner, I’d like to say… do it to satisfy your own curiosity. New experience is always a wonderful way to find another aspect of you. But at the same time, please be aware of a possibility of developing a relationship more serious than you plan. Even if it starts off with just curiosity, you might end up thinking of future with him. And when you do please get yourself ready for a very long journey. International marriage requires a lot of time, money and patience. Curiosity or love does not help you to go through all the process. Therefore make sure your partner and you work as a team and help each other going through hard times. Constant communication is the most important to have a better relationship and that should be my biggest and most simple advice for you ladies. Good luck!


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